August 15th, 2023

Roller Shutter Renovation Works by Surface Solve Removes Graffiti Problem

Roller Shutter Paint Removes Graffiti Problem in Aldgate

The Go-Gum Group are no strangers when it comes to working in Aldgate, an area of central London which surrounds the City of London. So when Aldgate Connect BID, the Business Improvement District organisation in the area contacted us with concerns involving graffiti, we were only too happy to help.

Graffiti Problem on Roller Shutters in Middlesex Street Estate, Aldgate, London
Freshly Painted Roller Shutters in Middlesex Street Estate, Aldgate, London


A dozen retail and commercial properties on the Middlesex Street Estate in Aldgate had been targeted by vandals who had graffiti tagged the steel roller shutter doors which secure the premises out of hours. Upon inspection by Surface Solve, it was decided that rather than try to remove the graffiti, it would be better to renovate and re-paint the roller shutters.

In this instance our industrial graffiti removal machines were not used as we needed to avoid the risk of water damage to the store facades behind the roller shutters. It was decided that painting the roller shutters was the logical solution. Following on from painting the roller shutter doors, a suitable anti-graffiti coating was applied on top of the roller shutter paint. The anti-graffiti coating would then allow individual business owners to quickly and easily remove any subsequent graffiti, without the need to use any harsh chemicals, should the need arise.

Roller Shutter Paint for Aldgate Connect BID
Anti-Graffiti Paint for Aldgate Store Fronts


The Go-Gum Group offer a range of anti-graffiti coatings including our external anti graffiti coating – Wall-Saver. Wall-Saver has been used successfully on many public space, high pedestrian traffic areas including busy transport hubs like bus stations and train stations. Our Surface Solve Street Cleaning Team, a division of the Go-Gum Group, are experts at the preparation and application of these anti-graffiti coatings, like Wall-Saver, and its sister product, Pave-Saver. For internal anti-graffiti paint, we recommend the use of easy-on™ anti-graffiti paint as this product can protect your walls and surfaces over 20 years!

All of the roller shutter paint was specially mixed to match the corporate colours of Aldgate Connect BID and supplied by the Go-Gum Group. The roller shutter renovation works were carried out over three Friday/Saturday periods, working around trading hours, to minimise disruption to the businesses.

Roller Shutter Renovation Works undertaken by Surface Solve Limited
Specially mixed Roller Shutter Paint for Aldgate Connect BID.


Commenting on the project, Go-Gum Group Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “By renovating these security doors with roller shutter paint, then adding an anti-graffiti barrier on top, our work is giving the businesses on the Middlesex Street Estate the strongest possible defence wall against future graffiti scrawl.”

“It’s important that residents, business owners and visitors to the Aldgate area of London are made to feel welcome and by eliminating a large swath of graffiti we feel like we’re helping Aldgate Connect BID with this task.”