Graffiti Removal, Construction Cleaning, Street Scene, Building Facade Cleaning and Protection

Surface Solve Ltd undertake a wide variety of external surface deep cleaning; surface restoration, streets scene, surface protection and resin bound groundwork services throughout the whole of the UK. Our highly trained and fully accredited operatives have been supporting UK infrastructure with cleaning and surface protection services since the formation of the Go-Gum group in 2000 and offer the following services:

Surface cleaning and restoration

Surface Solve use state of the art technology surface restoration systems to deep clean and restore surfaces back to their former glory. High temperature, low pressure steam is used in this process. Our street scene operatives also use environmentally friendly stone cleaning products such as Grime-Lifter for particularly deep rooted soiling and staining if required. Learn more about how our cleaning and restoration services were put to great use in and around Pauls Walk, London.

The Surface Solve Team in Action


Street Cleaning London
Street Scene Team


Graffiti Removal and external building cleaning

Graffiti comes in many different guises, from simple, isolated incidents of graffiti scrawl, to large scale offensive graffiti and can be difficult to remove due to difficult access or the chemical properties of the graffiti. Surface Solve have a full armoury of dedicated graffiti removal products at their disposal to combat these problems. The correct access platform (if required), graffiti removal solution and cleaning equipment is carefully selected prior to the commencement of works by our fully IPAF approved operatives. One such project we undertook involved working through the night on a Graffiti Removal Operation and Blackfriars Bridge, London.

Cladding cleaning and restoration

Dirty cladding can undoubtedly spoil the overall look of a property and can often be awkward to clean due to its vicinity to public areas and height implications. Surface Solve Limited fully IPAF accredited street scene team operatives operate mainly at night to ensure minimum disruption and will ensure all cladding is photographed before the cleaning and restoration process and then again afterwards to ensure the client is 100% happy. Our expert cladding cleaning services have been used my many ‘high street’ brands including Costco Wholesale.

Paving surface protection

Surface Solve apply Pave-Saver Anti Chewing Gum and Stain Repellent as their preferred choice of pavement surface protector, due to the products excellent stain inhibiting properties. Our applicators have now protected many thousands of sq. metres of paving throughout the UK, adding value to paving schemes and dramatically reducing the cost of subsequent maintenance cleaning. Learn more about pavement protection and what we did to clean up and protect the pavements in and around Aldgate, London.

External Building protective coatings and impregnation

The Surface Solve Street Scene Team apply a range of protective coatings and impregnation treatments for buildings to inhibit staining, water ingress, mould and traffic film to name but a few. easy-on™ Anti Graffiti and Durability Coating and Wall-Saver Anti Graffiti Paint and stain inhibitor also facilitate the removal of graffiti, making them both very impressive all purpose building surface protection products.

Graffiti Problem on Roller Shutters in Middlesex Street Estate, Aldgate, London
Freshly Painted Roller Shutters in Middlesex Street Estate, Aldgate, London


External Redecoration and Renovation Works

Surface Solve offer a range of external and internal re-decoration services for public, business, retail and hospitality sector building owners. The external services include Airless Spraying to exterior cladding and HVLP Spraying to uPVC windows, doors and fittings. We also offer steel security Roller Shutter renovation and re-painting, with the option to apply Anti-Graffiti Coatings as a final top coat.