General Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner

Powerful, Non-Caustic, Hard Surface and Pavement Cleaners

Grime-Lifter, Grime-Lifter Ultra and Grime-Lifter Super Concentrate are the very latest in hard surface and pavement cleaners.

The Grime-Lifter range contains new dirt defence technology, which cleans and then suspends dirt and contaminants, making dirt removal and cleaning operations much faster, safer and easier.

Many rival products contain caustic soda which can damage surfaces and cause future problems with adhesion and corrosion. The Grime-Lifter range has been specifically engineered to retain a high pH value without being caustic, meaning it outperforms all these rival products both in terms of cleaning power, safety and surface longevity.


Ready to Use, Hard Surface Maintenance Cleaner
Grime-Lifter is a ready to use, hard surface maintenance cleaner, which has been developed for use on a range of common surface types. It is also safe to use on surfaces already protected with Go-Gum Pave-Saver, or other surface impregnation treatments.

Grime-Lifter Ultra

Ready to Use, Hard Surface Heavy Duty Cleaner
Grime-Lifter Ultra is a ready to use, heavy duty, hard surface cleaner, that contains a special blend of surfactants and mild activated solvents which offers the ultimate in cleaning performance. Grime- Lifter Ultra is ideally suited to remove deep seated staining and embedded surface contamination from any hard surface and can be used prior to the application of Pave-Saver, in order to achieve the deepest clean possible.

Grime-Lifter Super Concentrate

Concentrated, Hard Surface Cleaner
Grime-Lifter Super Concentrate has been developed for high volume maintenance cleaning. The anti-foaming concentrate can be diluted to suit varying levels of surface soiling and is ideally used in conjunction with rotary scrubber driers and/or pressure washers fitted with a chemical injection system.

How Grime-Lifter Cleans

The engineered surfactant compounds penetrate the dirt and gentle agitation helps bring it to the surface. The lifted dirt is then suspended in the Grime-Lifter, ready to be washed away, leaving behind a clean surface

How Grime-Lifter Works

Product Demonstration

Should you require a demonstration of Grime-Lifter please contact us on 020 7566 3988. We are happy to visit you at an agreed location in order to demonstrate the unique cleaning and protection solutions offered by Go-Gum limited.

Buy Go-Gum Grime-Lifter

Grime-Lifter cannot be purchased from our online shop. If you would like to place an order for any of the Grime-Lifter range, please contact us directly via email or telephone us on 0207 566 3988.

Grime-Lifter Product Details

Technical Specifications

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Colourless
Odour: Very Subtle
Evaporation Rate: Slow
pH value: 11
Flash point [°C]: >93
Boiling point/range [°C]: 100
Viscosity: Non-Viscous
Solubility in water [°C]: Highly Soluble

Areas of Use

Grime-Lifter, Grime-Lifter Ultra and Grime-Lifter Super Concentrate can be used to effectively clean masonry substrates including: brickwork; concrete; render; natural stone; porous tiles. They can also be used to safely clean wood, plastics and metal surfaces – practically any hard surface which requires deep cleansing.

Application Guide

Grime-Lifter / Grime-Lifter Ultra
Apply a generous, even coat of Grime-Lifter or Grime-Lifter Ultra to the surface to be cleansed. Product must always be applied as a liquid only. Leave the product for between 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the level of contamination) until it penetrates the dirt/contamination. Do not let the Grime-Lifter or Grime-Lifter Ultra dry. Periodically agitate the product and surface with a hard bristle brush (deck brush or similar). Finally rinse clean with hose or pressure washer.

Grime-Lifter Super Concentrate
For use in Rotary Scrubber Drier or/and Pressure Washer. Dilute to the required ratio depending on the level of soiling. Always consult the Health & Safety Data Sheet before use. Grime-Lifter, Grime-Lifter Ultra and Grime-Lifter Super Concentrate should be stored for a maximum of 12 months at a temperature mbetween 5°C and 25°C.