Wall-Saver Invisible Anti Vandal Paint Facilitates Easy Graffiti Removal

The Ultimate Facade Surface Protection

Due to its unique formulation, Wall-Saver, supplied by Go-Gum, provides high performance, long life protection against airborne pollutants and weathering. Wall-Saver also facilitates the removal of graffiti. It is an invisible, safe, water based impregnation treatment, not a coating. Wall-Saver Invisible Anti Vandal Paint is designed for use on porous masonry substrates such as concrete, render, natural stone, brickwork and porous tiled areas and does not alter the natural appearance of the treated surface.

Additionally, Wall-Saver Invisible Anti Vandal Paint aids cleaning by preventing contamination by dirt, grime, oil and grease, organic growth, industrial pollutants and water.

As Wall-Saver is an impregnation treatment, it does not crack or peel, nor does it yellow or suffer from other common disadvantages associated with traditional wall coatings, paints and sealants. Wall- Saver does not require any primers, undercoats, non- darkening sealants or pre-treatments – it’s pre-mixed and ready to use, straight out of the container.

Wall-Saver offers this high level of protection by effectively reducing the adhesion rate of the pollutant, whilst still enabling the underlying materials to breathe. Should a treated surface be affected with graffiti, best cleaning results are achieved with hot water jetting, however many other surface contaminants can be removed with soapy water and a hard bristle brush or scouring pad. No chemical cleaning is required!

REACH Compliance

All the raw materials used in the Wall-Saver Invisible Anti Vandal Paint are REACH compliant.
(REACH is the European Unions: Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation, of Chemicals.)

Application Guide

Clean the surface thoroughly. The surface to be treated must be free from graffiti, dust, dirt, oil, efflorescence, mould/algae, old paint and other surface contaminants.

The substrate should be dry, with surface and ambient temperature no lower than 5°C.

Wall-Saver can be applied by roller (preferred method), low pressure spray unit. If using a back pack sprayer or low pressure spray unit, care must be taken to avoid the formation of fine spray or mists. As with all water based products, mists or spray should not be breathed. Product must always be applied as a liquid only.

Surface to be treated should be fully saturated. Wall-Saver should be applied to surfaces from the bottom up. One application is normally sufficient. In cases of high porosity more product may be required. No more than 15 minutes should be left between applications. Do not allow to dry out between applications or apply if rain or condensation is likely to occur. Drying time (at 20°C) is just one hour.

The system is very easy to use for applicators and causes minimum disruption to passersby.

How Wall-Saver Invisible Anti Vandal Paint Protects

Wall-Saver treatment is achieved by impregnation to the point of saturation so that Wall-Saver gets deep into a material’s pores, thus making the masonry substrate resistant to airborne pollutants.

Wall-Saver Invisible Anti-Graffiti Paint and Stain Repellent

We Can Also Apply Wall-Saver For You!

Surface Solve Ltd, part of the Go-Gum Group, offer a complete range of services from site surveys and street/pavement cleansing, right through to the application of our unique facade protector, Wall-Saver.

Product Demonstration

Should you require a demonstration of Wall-Saver please contact us on 020 7566 3988. We are happy to visit you at an agreed location in order to demonstrate the unique cleaning and protection solutions offered by Go-Gum limited.

Wall-Saver International Distributors

Go-Gum Limited (UK) are actively seeking overseas distributors and agents for the unique, environmentally friendly ‘Wall-Saver’ anti graffiti and stain repellent. In our ongoing commitment to grow our business, we are now looking for additional distributors and agents in:

  • The Americas
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • India
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific

Prospective partners should have strong connections in the following market sectors:

  • Highways and Maintenance
  • Facilities Management
  • Environmental Services
  • Street Cleansing

If you would like to join us, please contact Managing Director, Rob Dixon at info@getridofgum.com

Buy Go-Gum Wall-Saver

Go-Gum Wall-Saver can be purchased from our online shop.

Wall-Saver Product Details

Technical Specifications

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Light Yellow
Odour: Mild
Active: Agents
pH value: 5-6
Flash point [°C]: >99
Specific Gravity: 1.01
V.O.C Content: 0.0%
Lower Explosion Limit: 0.0%
Solubility in water [°C]: Miscible

Wall-Saver has a shelf life of 12 months in original, unopened containers.

Product Description

A water based fluorochemical dispersion.

Areas of Use

Wall-Saver can be applied to porous masonry substrates including: concrete; render; natural stone; brickwork; porous tiles. Practically any masonry wall which requires protection!

Consumption Rate Guide*

Concrete: 15 m2/L
Render: 16 m2/L
Natural Stone: 16 m2/L
Brick: 12 m2/L

*Approximate values. Consumption Rate Guide includes one application of Wall-Saver. Test areas should always be undertaken to establish site specific consumption rates.