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About The Go-Gum Group

The Go-Gum group is dedicated to developing and providing innovative and environmentally sensitive products, solutions and services within the cleaning industry.

The Group consists of Go-Gum Limited and Surface Solve Ltd.

Go-Gum focus on all UK and worldwide product sales and nationwide chewing gum removal services. Surface Solve focus on delivering all other surface cleaning and surface protection services. As a group we operate from our London head office, Leicester and Preston and these strategically placed locations enable us to respond quickly and serve the whole of the UK.

Go-Gum Limited was founded in 2000 with a commitment to provide a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing environment, this was initially reflected in the distribution of hot water pressure washing systems adapted specifically for chewing gum removal.

In 2004 the company began distribution of the revolutionary new product ‘easy-on™‘.

easy-on™ is the only protective coating to be classified permanent by the Centre for Corrosion Technology. This distinguishes it from other systems that erode a finite amount each time they are cleaned. easy-on™ is a clear, permanent durability coating, which is solvent-free, class ‘0’ (BS476: parts 6 & 7), emits no toxic or flammable fumes or vapours and contains no isocyanate curing agents. It is applied in a single coat and dries within 4 hours and withstands 100’s of cleaning operations.

easy-on™ was developed originally for the anti graffiti market but it has also proved exceptional as a durability finish, resisting damage not only from paint and marker pen but also scuffs, shoe marks, surface impacts, stains etc.

In 2006 development work was completed on the revolutionary new fire retardant coating – easy-guard™. As well as being environmentally safe and easy to use, easy-guard™ can be applied over any existing paintwork and can be combined with the easy-on™ Protective Coating for the ultimate fire and durability protection. The easy-guard™ Fire Protection Coating fully conforms with Class ‘0’ and ‘1’ fire rating options in accordance with BS 476 Part 6 and 7.

In February 2008, Go-Gum Ltd launched Pave-Saver. This solvent free, water based impregnation solution can be applied to masonry floor surfaces likely to suffer from chewing gum deposits, staining and weathering. Pave-Saver aids Chewing Gum Removal and other deep cleaning operations, significantly lowering future cleaning costs.

Pave-Saver has been developed to repel oil and water and once applied makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Pave-Saver solution is not a coating and therefore does not suffer failure due to ‘slip’ issues when subjected to foot traffic.

In September 2011 a new series of three Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Street Cleaning and Pavement Cleaning systems were introduced. The new machines offer diverse cleaning functionality, ranging from general street cleansing, through to full clean-capture capabilities.

During 2012, Go-Gum introduced three new products to their impressive line-up of protection treatments and cleaning solutions range. First to launch was the ‘Back to Black Tarmac Restoration Paint‘, a heavy duty, commercial quality, Tarmac restoration paint and Asphalt refurbishment product, that not only re-colours faded and worn tarmac surfaces but also helps to increase the life span of the surface.

Wall-Saver was launched next; this impregnation product provides high performance, long life protection against airborne pollutants and weathering. Wall-Saver is invisible on the surface when dry, water based, safe to use and also facilitates the removal of graffiti.

Finally in 2012, Go-Gum launched the Grime-Lifter range of powerful, non-caustic, hard surface cleaning products which contain new dirt defence technology that cleans and suspends dirt and contaminants, making dirt removal and cleaning operations much faster, safer and easier. Grime-Lifter was developed for use on a range of common surface types including: brickwork; concrete; render; natural stone; porous tiles but is also safe to use on surfaces already protected with Go-Gum Pave-Saver, or other surface impregnation treatments.

In April 2017 a new company, Surface Solve Ltd was formed to build on the long term success achieved by Go-Gum Ltd since their formation in August 2000. Go-Gum Limited took the view that additional resources were needed to cater for an expanding client base and the varied surface cleaning and surface protection services our customers now demand. The name Go-Gum didn’t reflect this because as a company we do so much more than just remove chewing gum. However Go-Gum has built such a solid reputation over so many years, we did not want to lose the company name and strong market brand.

The Go-Gum Group now incorporate two sister companies, Go-Gum Ltd for all product sales and chewing gum removal services and Surface Solve for all other surface cleaning and surface protection services. The customer need only call our head office telephone number on 0207 566 3988 and we will ensure your enquiry is dealt with appropriately.


The Go-Gum group only distribute products which have been specifically developed to cater for today’s surface cleaning and surface protection environment. The cleaning systems and products include the sale of the Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Machine range, Gum-Grafter Machine, easy-off™ and Grime-Lifter, all complete with full on site and/or manufacturers workshop product training. We can also provide full product servicing and maintenance support for our entire range of products.

Additionally we offer full sales and technical support for all our surface protection products which include the revolutionary Pave-Saver and Wall-Saver impregnation systems, easy-on protective durability coating and the easy-guard fire resistant coating.


Should you require a demonstration on any of the Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO range, Gum-Grafter, Grime-Grafter and/or the easy-on™ permanent protective coating, Pave-Saver or Grime-Lifter please contact us on 020 7566 3988. We are happy to visit you at an agreed location in order to demonstrate the unique cleaning and protection solutions offered by The Go-Gum Group.


The Go-Gum group operate nationally from locations in London (H.Q.), Leicester and Preston. For all product and service enquires please phone our Head Office on 0207 566 3988.

The Surface Solve Street Scene Team in Action