November 22nd, 2021

Tadcaster Bus Station gets a Lanceman DiBo Deep Clean and an Anti Graffiti Solution

Deep Clean for Historic Market Town’s Bus Station

The delightful market town of Tadcaster is nestled in the Selby district of North Yorkshire. Its position on the banks of the River Wharfe, between the City of Leeds – just twelve miles to the north-east, and the City of York – only ten miles to the south-west, make it a much sought after commuter town.

With excellent road links, Tadcaster is well served by local bus services, operating to and from both Leeds and York, and is a stop on the Yorkshire Coastliner service, which accesses the picturesque Yorkshire Coast. Tadcaster bus station functions as a small local hub, with buses also running to Wetherby and Harrogate, and to Sherburn in Elmet.

In September 2021, Selby District Council asked our Surface Solve Street Cleaning Team, a division of the Go-Gum Group, to undertake a deep clean of the Tadcaster bus station, before the application of Go-Gum’s unique surface protection systems, namely Pave-Saver and Wall-Saver.

Before Deep Cleaning Work Tadcaster Bus Station
After Deep Cleaning Work Tadcaster Bus Station


Two operatives from our Street Cleaning Team tackled 248m² of paving, deep cleaning the surfaces using one of our Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO hot water, low pressure steam cleaning machines. Additionally, the team deep cleaned 216m² of elevated stone surfaces as well as the bus station windows, roof, metal structure and benches/seating areas. The Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO showed its versatility as it expertly tackled these cleaning tasks, employing extended lances for the roof panel cleaning. This one machine, allows both operatives to work simultaneously, to undertake a wide variety of cleansing operations, effortlessly and safely.

Once the deep clean was complete, the team then applied two coats of Pave-Saver pavement and stone protector to the stone paving in and around the bus station. Pave-Saver protects natural stone and paving from weathering, helping them to remain clean by repelling chewing gum, water, airborne dirt, acid rain, smog, industrial pollutants, oil and grease, dust and organic growth (lichens & moss).

Invisible Anti Graffiti Solution
Tadcaster Bus Station


Our team then applied three coats of Wall-Saver, our invisible anti graffiti solution, to all of the bus station’s stone walls. Wall-Saver protects stone substrates, aids cleaning and facilitates easy graffiti removal by preventing contamination by paint, dirt, grime, oil and grease, organic growth, industrial pollutants and water.

Commenting on the project, Go-Gum Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “It’s great to be working with Selby District Council again. Tadcaster bus station is a vital transport hub for the local community and it’s important that it is kept clean and protected for local residents, visitors and commuters alike. Our team were able to undertake the deep clean and application of our invisible paving protector and anti graffiti solution, without disrupting the normal operation of this vital local asset.”