January 23rd, 2017

Finsbury Circus Pavement Cleaning and Pave-Saver Protection

Finsbury Circus Pavement Cleaning

Created in 1812, the largest public open space within the City of London is Finsbury Circus. The public park is referred to as the ‘Circus’ due to its elliptical shape, similar to the circus venues of Ancient Rome. The iconic park houses a Lawn Bowls Club and a Bandstand, all surrounded by mature trees, established planting and well trodden York Stone paving.

In January 2017, Go-Gum were contacted by the City of London with a view to deep pavement cleaning the York Stone paving, in and around Finsbury Circus. The project was to include the deep cleaning of approximately 330 square metres of York Stone paving, followed by the application of Pave-Saver, our pavement surface protection treatment.

A two-man team attended the site, with the pavement cleaning and protection operations being conducted during normal daytime working hours. This involved pedestrian traffic management and public safety, which was handled by our on-site team. Our operatives utilised the latest, specialist, high temperature, low pressure cleaning systems which are safe to use on York Stone paving. In fact our systems are safe to use on all paving and ground surface substrates. Our pavement cleaning systems use only water and steam as the main cleaning agent, meaning our pavement cleaning operations are safe and environmentally friendly.

Following the pavement cleaning operations, our team then subsequently applied our own, unique pavement protection treatment – Pave-Saver. Pave-Saver protects stone and pavement surfaces from weathering and helps surfaces remain clean by repelling chewing gum, water, airborne dirt, acid rain, smog, industrial pollutants, oil and grease, dust and organic growth (lichens & moss). Pave-Saver offers an extremely high level of protection by effectively reducing the adhesion rate of the pollutant, whilst still enabling the underlying materials to breathe.

Rob Dixon, Managing Director of Go-Gum commented: “Having worked with the City of London on a number of deep clean and graffiti removal projects in the past, we were delighted to be asked to help clean up the iconic London landmark of Finsbury Circus. Our team has not only cleaned the York Stone paving but has now protected it for years to come, thanks to the easy application of Pave-Saver, our proven, long-lasting pavement surface protection treatment.”