March 19th, 2019

Revolutionary Paving Impregnation Treatment, Not Dated Pavement Sealant

Changing Skylines Bring a Change in Street Scenes

According to the New London Architecture (NLA) and GL Hearn’s Annual London Tall Buildings Survey, London’s skyline is undergoing a dramatic transformation.

The survey, released in March, reports that a record number of 76 tall buildings are set to be completed in 2019, a three-fold increase on 2018. Tall building construction in the capital city is at its highest point in history with 22 out of the 33 London boroughs now having new tall buildings currently under construction, compared to 20 last year. Joining the list of boroughs for 2019 are Camden, Barnet and Hounslow. The report states that 90% of all the proposed tall buildings are for primarily residential use and are estimated to provide in excess of 110,000 new homes for London.

With 2019 set to be a huge year for skyscrapers, dramatically changing skylines also bring big changes to the city environment at street level. Whether the new tall buildings are for retail, commercial or residential use, there will undoubtedly be an increase in footfall in and around these new developments. The increased footfall from tens of thousands of new residents and workers, is concentrated into smaller areas, due to the smaller footprint of taller buildings.

Tall building projects often include new paving and landscaping schemes, in and around the street-level base of the development. The increased and concentrated footfall can often lead to these schemes looking tired and unloved in a short space of time. This needn’t be the case as Go-Gum Limited offer a range of environmentally safe, long lasting protective treatments for both paving and walls/façades.

Anti-Gum Paving Protector
Anti-Gum Pavement Protection


In May 2018, Pave-Saver Pavement Protector was chosen to protect areas of new paving surrounding the new 300,000m² Goldman Sachs European Headquarters, located on Farringdon Street in the City of London. Large scale projects surrounding new tall buildings, up and down the country, are being protected by the unique properties of Pave-Saver and Wall-Saver.

In addition to stone and pavement protection, the Go-Gum Group‘s Surface Solve Street Cleaning Team are vastly experienced in post construction cleaning, deep cleaning paving and the application of Pave-Saver and Wall-Saver. Our Surface Solve street cleaning teams work in high-traffic city centre areas on a regular basis, including some of the most famous and historic areas of our major cities.

Unlike traditional pavement sealant, our revolutionary impregnation treatments protect stone, paving and walls from weathering and maintains surfaces by helping repel sticky discarded chewing gum, airborne dirt, carbon particulates, oil, grease and organic growth (lichens & moss). Unlike traditional pavement sealant ‘coatings’, once applied, our smart impregnation treatments are invisible, essentially forming part of the substrate, so do not leave a glossy or discoloured finish to carefully specified paving materials.


Commenting on the Tall Buildings Survey, Go-Gum Limited managing director Rob Dixon said: “We’re working with architects, construction firms and local authorities, up and down the country, protecting and maintaining new building schemes of all sizes. As tall buildings shoot up, our innovative products are knocking down cleaning and maintenance costs, as paving schemes stay looking new for longer.”

Rob added: “Tall building developments present unique challenges when it comes to protecting the street level landscape but they’re challenges that we are expert at dealing with. Go-Gum Limited offer the right products, equipment and experience to help reduce maintenance costs and keep the street level landscape looking at its best, for the longest period of time.”

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