June 9th, 2016

Pavement Cleaning and Chewing Gum Removal Operation at Xscape

Xscape Deep Clean and Gum Removal

Xscape is a family leisure facility in Milton Keynes which incorporates a real snow slope, bowling alley, cinema, climbing walls, indoor skydiving, a casino, as well as over twenty bars, restaurants, coffee shops and fast food outlets. Xscape really does offer “days of entertainment for the whole family whatever the weather”.

The Xscape facilities management team decided it was time to improve and revitalise the heavy foot traffic areas surrounding the restaurant and food outlets. The areas in question were highly trafficked and heavily stained requiring an intensive deep clean with particular attention being paid to chewing gum removal.

The Go-Gum Street Cleaning Team undertook an intensive two day operation using the environmentally safe Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO machine. The two man, two machine team completed the work to the satisfaction of the client, transforming the area into a welcoming and friendly environment for the hundreds of families visiting each week.

Go-Gum Managing Director Rob Dixon commented: “Xscape is a popular family entertainment destination and we were delighted to help revitalise the area surrounding the restaurant and fast food outlets. Our team worked hard to minimise disruption to the businesses and patrons at Xscape.”