August 12th, 2012

Welcome to the London 2012 Olympics

Pave-Saver Continues to Protect the Olympic Park Approach

This summer, the London 2012 Olympics were hailed as a huge success and became a source of national pride. Along with the games organisers, athletes and volunteers, Go-Gum Limited played a small part in the success of the games.

Back in June 2011, the Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team conducted an initial deep clean of the Olympic Park approach at Leyton Links and went on to protect the area with a single application of their unique Pave-Saver Chewing Gum and Stain Repellent. During the build up to the London Games, the Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team revisited the site, and beginning in early July 2012, the team carried out one final pre-games clean up to the entire 15,000m² site including the removal of chewing gum.

Using two Go-Gum Clean Machines, the Street Cleansing Teams worked during the night, over the course of three weeks, leading up to the spectacular opening ceremony. As the Leyton Links approach had previously been protected with Pave-Saver, any accumulated gum and detritus was removed easily and staining to the underlying substrate was prevented due to Pave-Saver being an advanced impregnation treatment. As the Go-Gum Clean Machine uses only water as a cleaning agent, no harsh chemicals were required.

Go-Gum managing director Rob Dixon commented: “Because we had previously protected the site with Pave-Saver, our teams managed to cleanse the entire 15,000m² area surrounding the Olympic Park approach in just three weeks, including the removal of chewing gum, despite working exclusively at night. Pave-Saver protected the entire area and continues to do so today. As Pave-Saver is a long-lasting solution it will still protect the site long after the closing ceremony. We like to think that we played a small but important role in the overall success of the London 2012 Olympics, helping to ensure the best possible welcome to the Olympic Park for visitors, volunteers and athletes alike.”