January 21st, 2009

Urban Truth

Pave-Saver is protecting Europe’s largest urban Shopping Centre – The Westfield Centre.

Pave-Saver has been specified to protect all new paving in and around the Westfield Centre site in Hammersmith, London. The Westfield Centre is the largest urban Shopping Centre in Europe and is now better protected from chewing gum and urban pollution thanks to Pave-Saver from Go-Gum Limited.

Pave-Saver can be supplied directly to the customer or applied by the Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team. In this instance, The Westfield Centre employed the Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team to initially remove chewing gum and grime from the pavements, before applying Pave-Saver.

Pave-saver is being used to stop the impregnation of staining to the pavements and to reduce gum build up by approximately 95%. Pave-saver will continue to protect pavements in the area for many years to come because it is an impregnation treatment and not a coating. Pave-Saver is non-slip and invisible and will therefore maintain the natural look of the paving in and around the Westfield site.

Rob Dixon, Managing Director of Go-Gum Limited commented: “The Westfield Centre is just one of a number of projects utilising the unique capabilities of Pave-Saver to ensure that their environment is clean and free from chewing gum deposits and staining”.