April 23rd, 2012

University Challenge

Chewing Gum and Stain Repllent applied to leading University Campus

The University of Essex, near Colchester, has established a worldwide reputation for top quality teaching and research since being founded in 1964. Over the past five decades the University has grown to more than 11,000 students, including over 3,000 postgraduates, who come from all over the world to study at one of their three campuses in Colchester, Loughton and Southend.

In a bid to improve their campus aesthetics, and their learning environment, the University decided to tackle the growing problem of discarded chewing gum. In April, work began to deep clean and remove chewing gum from 800m² of high traffic areas within the various campus locations. With over 10,000 students using the learning facilities on a regular basis, the challenge was on to find an anti-chewing gum treatment capable of protecting these busy areas.

Pave-Saver Ultra was the only solution to fulfill the University’s requirements due to it being a super tough, chewing gum and stain repellent, specifically designed to protect high footfall areas from discarded gum and other staining. All 800m² were eventually protected with Pave-Saver Ultra.

Commenting on the project, managing director of Go-Gum, Rob Dixon said: “Due to the nature of the busy University campus, Pave-Saver Ultra was the best choice for this project. Pave-Saver Ultra has been developed to protect areas which are subjected to very high foot traffic. Pave-Saver Ultra will provide the University with years of safe, efficient protection against chewing gum, water damage, oil, moss, carbon particulates, dirt, bird droppings and stain penetration.”