June 20th, 2022

York Stone Paving Deep Cleaned and Black Tarmac Paint Rejuvenates Tired Pavement

Famous Tower Hill Streets Get a Go-Gum Makeover

Seething Lane, located within the City of London, is an area of the capital city steeped in history. It was home to Samuel Pepys, the 17th Century diarist who notably witnessed the Great Fire of London in 1666 from his home, near the Tower of London.

The York Stone paving flanking this historic, old London street and the tarmac pavement on the adjacent Muscovy Street were in need of a deep clean and refurbishment. Having been contracted by the City of London, the Go-Gum Limited Surface Solve Street Cleaning Team undertook a thorough clean, complete with tarmac renovation works, totally transforming the area.

Oil Digester applied to York Stone Paving
York Stone Paving on Seething Lane


A team of two Street Cleaning Team operatives, working within local noise restrictions, used a Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO hot water, low pressure steam cleaning machine to safely and effectively deep clean the York Stone paving. An oil digester pre-cleaning agent was first applied to help break down food and drink staining from nearby bars and restaurants. The Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO then cleansed 282m² of York Stone paving in and around Pepys former neighborhood, removing dirt, staining and chewing-gum residue with ease.

Surface Solve Limited Cleaning Seething Street
Fully Cleansed York Stone Paving on Seething Street, London


The old, tired and stained tarmac pavement which runs alongside Muscovy Street was then given a makeover with a single application of the Go-Gum ‘Back to Black’ Tarmac Restorer. This heavy duty, commercial quality, black tarmac paint and Asphalt refurbishment product was the natural choice to re-colour the faded and worn tarmac pavement. In total, approximately 100m² of faded, tarmac pavement were completely transformed during this one-day makeover.

The Go-Gum ‘Back to Black’ Tarmac Restorer dramatically enhances the aesthetics of existing Tarmac surfaces, providing a uniform coloured surface. The treated surface is easier to clean and increases the life span of the underlying Tarmac as it waterproofs and protects the substrate. Additionally, this treatment resists oil, grease, dirt stains, fungicidal and algae growth. Being a water based treatment, it’s a low odour, environmentally friendly product, that can be easily recoated at any time in the future.

Black Tarmac Paint Applied to Muscovy Street, London
Tarmac Rejuvenated by Go-Gum Limited using Black Tarmac Paint


Commenting on the latest City of London street refurbishment project, Go-Gum Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “Our team have completed a comprehensive transformation of the pavements on both Seething Lane and Muscovy Street. Using our eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO cleaning machine, the York Stone paving on Seething Lane looks as good as new! Our black tarmac paint has rejuvenated the pavement along Muscovy Street and has lifted the whole area.”