February 24th, 2017

Specialist Street Cleaning Services in the Nation's Capital

City of London Periodic Specialist Street Cleaning Services

The area of London officially recognised as the ‘City of London’ measures just 2.9km² , with just over 8,000 residents within its boundaries. As the historical, cultural and central business district for many globally recognised attractions, institutions and brands, the City of London attracts over 32 million visitors each year, including commuters and Londoners simply passing through on a daily basis.

Due to the incredibly high level of pedestrian traffic concentrated in a relatively small geographic area, from time to time, the City of London seek outside assistance with certain specialist street cleaning operations. In February 2017, the City of London contacted the Go-Gum Group and asked us to conduct several specialist street cleaning operations over the course of 7 working days. In total, we were contracted to deep clean fourteen different locations within the city limits, deemed in need of a ‘periodic special clean’.

The periodic specialist street cleaning operations were undertaken in locations around the city including Cannon Street, St. Paul’s Festival Gardens and Cheapside. Along Canon Street, our Surface Solve Ltd Street Cleaning Team deep cleaned approximately 390m² of paving, returning the substrate to a ‘like new’, fully cleansed condition. At St. Paul’s Festival Gardens, opposite the world famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, our team switched seamlessly to specialist graffiti removal tasks using our own high temperature, low pressure cleaning systems. At Cheapside, our specialist street cleaning team deep cleaned approximately 200m² of paving, again utilising our specialist, high temperature, low pressure cleaning systems, which are suitable for use on all substrates. Our operatives worked in total for seven consecutive days, tackling and cleaning two locations per day, causing the minimum of disruption to residents, commuters and visitors to the area. In total our specialist street cleaning team deep cleaned approximately 5,000m² of paving in the City of London, in addition to successfully undertaking several Graffiti Removal operations.

Go-Gum Group’s Managing Director, Rob Dixon said: “We work closely with the City of London, on a regular basis, assisting them with specialist street cleaning, graffiti removal and pavement cleaning projects. Whilst the City of London is technically one of the least populated ‘cities’ in the world, it is subjected to incredibly high levels of pedestrian and commuter footfall each day. For these specialist street cleaning operations, our Surface Solve specialist street cleaning team were able to operate effectively without disrupting the general public, residents and businesses. We worked in an environmentally sensitive manner and achieved fantastic results for the City of London”.