September 24th, 2018

Specialist Steam Cleaning Required for Iconic Central London Pedestrian Subway

Steam Cleaning The Blackfriars Pedestrian Subway

Located in the Blackfriars area of Central London is the distinctive black and gold ‘checkerboard’ pedestrian subway leading to the London Blackfriars Railway Station and the recently refurbished Blackfriars Underground Station. These stations provide access to the local Thameslink Rail services from North to South London and Kent, plus the London Underground Circle and District lines.

Surface Solve Ltd, the specialist deep cleaning services division of the Go-Gum Group, have worked with The City of London to clean and restore this iconic underpass with it’s unusual tiled checkerboard floor. A single team consisting of two operatives, using one of our high temperature, low pressure steam cleaning machines worked four consecutive night shifts to carefully and thoroughly clean the unique tiled floor and tiled walls within this high traffic pedestrian subway.

Steam Cleaning The Iconic Checkerboard Floor

The subway before the Surface Solve Street Cleaning Team steam cleaned the tiled floor.

Steam Cleaning Blackfriars Pedestrian Subway

Low pressure, high temperature steam cleaning of the iconic tiled floor in progress.


During the deep, steam cleaning operation, our team successfully and safely removed chewing gum from the tiled floor, graffiti scrawl from the tiled walls and general dirt and grime from all surfaces, without the need for any chemicals. The only cleaning agent used was low pressure, high temperature water and steam which was consistently and accurately delivered by one of our versatile Lanceman DiBO Street Cleaning Machines.

Before the Steam Cleaning

Before the Chewing Gum Removal, Graffiti Removal and Steam Cleaning.

After the Steam Cleaning

After the Chewing Gum Removal, Graffiti Removal and Steam Cleaning.


Commenting on the project, Go-Gum Group managing director Rob Dixon said: “Our Surface Solve Street Cleaning Team used our versatile and environmentally safe steam cleaning machine to safely clean and restore the historic black and gold checkerboard tiled pedestrian subway to its former glory. The underpass is now a much more friendly and welcoming route to the local railway and London Underground stations at Blackfriars.”

He added: “Chewing gum removal and graffiti removal was no problem for our street cleaning team as our chewing gum removal and graffiti removal machine – The Lanceman DiBO – can perfectly adapt to both of these difficult cleaning tasks, as well as many other types of street cleaning operations.”