March 10th, 2017

Tarmac Playground Requires Specialist Chewing Gum Removal

Specialist Chewing Gum Removal at Richmond Park Academy School

The Richmond Park Academy is a highly respected secondary school, based in Richmond, a suburban town to the south west of London. Formed in 2010, when academy status was granted to the former Shene School, the academy educates over 700 pupils aged 11-18 and can trace its roots back as far as the year 1895.

In March 2017, the senior leadership team at Richmond Park Academy contacted the Go-Gum Group with a view to securing our specialist chewing gum removal services. The senior leadership team, led by Principal Paul Mundy-Castle, felt that their Park Avenue/Hertford Avenue campus needed a deep clean and specialist chewing removal services, particularly to the tarmac and paving surrounding the campus buildings.

It was decided that the work would be undertaken during the school holidays to minimise disruption to students and staff. As soon as their was a break in the school term, Go-Gum despatched three operatives to the campus, with three specialist chewing gum removal machines. Our specialist chewing gum removal machines operate at high temperatures and low pressures and are capable of deep cleaning any substrate effectively without causing any damage. Most of the deep cleaning and specialist chewing gum removal services were focused mainly on the extensive tarmac areas on campus.

In areas where the tarmac was badly worn, we used specialist macadams cleaning equipment which is designed for highly sensitive surface restoration. In total, the Go-Gum team deep cleaned approximately 3,144m2 of tarmac and paving in and around the Richmond Park Academy school campus.

Commenting on the project, Go-Gum Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “Having a clean, welcoming campus is a key factor in improving student and staff morale. The staff and students who returned to the campus following the school holidays would have been pleased to find a clean, chewing gum free school environment awaiting them.”