December 18th, 2005

Protecting The New Wembley

Wembley National Stadium Limited, the company behind the ambitious new national stadium project have recognised the need to protect and maintain their new venue – even before it is completed!

It is essential to protect and maintain a clean, graffiti free environment throughout the new stadium complex, not solely for the opening of the stadium and the first few events, but also for the 2012 London Olympic Games and far beyond.

To achieve this Go-Gum Limited’s easy-on™ Durability Coating has been selected as it is the only product, currently available, which is up to the task.

With just one application, the easy-on™ solution will ensure long term sustainability in heavily pedestrianised areas until the year 2027 – some 15 years after the Olympic Games have been hosted! Graffiti, scuffs, stains and traffic film will be easily and quickly removed using water or the mildest of cleaners.

The easy-on™ Durability Coating, complete with its 22 year lifecycle, will maintain a permanent “just cleaned” feel to the surroundings which is vitally important for the image of any national sports stadium.