November 2nd, 2020

Post-Construction Deep Clean and Pavement Protection for Transport Hub Junction Upgrade Scheme

Pavement Protection for Blackhorse Road Junction Upgrade

Blackhorse Road Junction, located in the London borough of Waltham Forest, is a key public transport hub, for buses, overland trains and the London Underground. The scheme forms part of a huge package of measures by the Council to encourage sustainable modes of transport, funded through Transport for London’s Mini-Holland initiative.

The key improvements to be made to Blackhorse Road Junction include:

  • Wider pavements and new crossings for safer pedestrian and cycle access.
  • A more attractive, safer place with new public spaces, more green space, more trees and plants.
  • A fit for purpose road network that can cope with growth.
  • Improved public transport access.
  • Less congestion on the road network which means less emissions and better air quality.

The Council’s Highway Term contractor, Riney were tasked with implementing the various changes and upgrades to the junction and its immediate environs. On completion of the civils works, the Go-Gum Group were asked to carry out a post-construction deep clean and the application of Pave-Saver Pavement Protection on the new areas of paving.

New Pavement Protection at Blackhorse Road Junction
New Pavement Protection at Blackhorse Road Junction


Pave-Saver is the ultimate in pavement protection due to its exceptional penetration and stain repellent properties. Pave-Saver protects substrates and makes removing chewing gum and pollution effortless with rain water able to remove soiling as the particles are prevented from sticking to the substrate.

Two operatives from Surface Solve Ltd, part of the Go-Gum Group, using two Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Construction Cleaning Machines firstly undertook a post-construction deep clean to approximately 2,064m² of new paving and pavements.

The same team then applied Pave-Saver to protect the new works. In total, our team were on-site for just five days, working during daytime hours, so as not to disturb local residents.

Commenting on the project, Go-Gum Group Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “We were delighted to asked by the team at Riney to assist in the final stages of the Blackhorse Road Junction improvement project. Our Surface Solve Ltd team worked tirelessly for five days in order to complete the work on time, whilst minimising the disruption to the public and commuters using this busy interchange.”

New Blackhorse Road Junction