January 29th, 2024

York Stone Paving Deep Cleaned and Protected in the City of London

Pavement Deep Clean Double Header Draws 2023 To A Close

With 2023 rapidly drawing to a close, there was still time in late December, for The Go-Gum Group to complete two pavement deep clean projects in the City of London.

Gresham Street – Post Construction Clean

Commencing in mid-December 2023, Surface Solve Ltd, part of the Go-Gum Group were contracted by the City of London to undertake a pavement deep clean on Gresham Street.

The project consisted of a deep clean to 142m² of York Stone Paving, followed by the application of a paving protector, namely Pave-Saver. The pavement cleaning was part of a post-construction deep clean on Gresham Street. The area in and around Gresham Street is predominantly made-up of office buildings, some retail, restaurants and bars, plus the church of St. Anne & St. Agnes.

Gresham Street, City of London Pavement Deep Clean
Street CleaningTeam Deep Cleaning Pavement


The area to be cleaned was adjacent to St. Anne & St. Agnes Church. With an increase in the frequency of religious services and celebrations, Surface Solve Ltd were asked to be particularly mindful of worshippers during the Christmas period.

A team of two operatives from the Surface Solve Ltd Street Cleaning Team were despatched to the site and worked during off-peak hours. The team began by carefully managing the pedestrian traffic and cleaning operations, so as to minimise disruption to the public and church-goers. The deep cleaning of the pavement was undertaken with the aid of a Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Construction Cleaning Machine.

Applying Pave-Saver Pavement Protector
Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Construction Cleaning Machine


Once the pavement deep clean was complete, the team then protected the freshly cleansed paving with two applications of Pave-Saver. Our unique paving protector helps protect surfaces from all manner of pollution, including discarded chewing gum staining. Pave-Saver helps the York Stone Paving remain clean by repelling water, airborne dirt, acid rain, smog, industrial pollutants, oil and grease, dust and organic growth (lichens & moss). Due to its exceptional penetration and stain repellent properties, it is ideally suited to the protection of pavements that are subjected to heavy foot traffic.

King Street – Pavement Deep Clean

Following the Christmas festivities, on the 27th December 2023, our Street Cleaning Team were back in action in the City of London. On this occasion, the team were tackling 850m² York Stone Paving on King Street. This project was another post-construction pavement deep clean followed by a double application of Pave-Saver.

Traffic Management in. the City of London
Pavement Deep Clean and Protection


The pavement deep clean was again carried out with the use of Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Construction Cleaning Machine. King Street is a mix of corporate office buildings, with some retail. The works were undertaken in just one day, to minimise any disruption to the general public.

Once the York Stone Paving on King Street had been deep cleaned, two coats of Pave-Saver were applied to protect the pavement from dirt, gum and pollution.

King Street Pavements Cleaned by Go-Gum Ltd
City of London Pavement Clean and Protect


Commenting on the latest City of London street projects, Go-Gum Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “Despite December being am extremely busy period, our team completed two post-construction pavement deep clean jobs on both Gresham Street and King Street. The Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO cleaning machine easily proved up to the task of restoring the iconic York Stone Paving and Pave-Saver will protect its surface for years to come.”