September 17th, 2007

New Products Launch

Go-Gum Limited are pleased to announce the launch of two, brand new, environmentally friendly products, to aid in the fight against chewing gum blight.

The Gum-Grafter is a completely self-contained chewing gum removal system ideally suited for large areas of chewing gum removal from external areas.

The compact and versatile Grime-Grafter is a unique and completely self-contained, highly manoeuvrable chewing gum removal and steam cleaning system. The machine incorporates an integral vacuum system and is ideally suited to gum removal and deep cleansing applications within a wide variety of indoor environments.

Rob Dixon, Managing Director Go-Gum Limited commented: “These two machines, the Gum-Grafter and the Grime-Grafter are two valuable additions to the seemingly endless battle against discarded chewing gum which blights our public areas and public buildings”.