January 20th, 2016

London Millennium Footbridge Deep Clean for the City of London

Working in partnership with one of the City of London’s main contractors Go-Gum undertook deep cleaning and chewing gum removal to sections of the London Millennium Footbridge. With the London Millennium Footbridge being a main arterial river crossing for pedestrians, Go-Gum Limited were given very short notice and just two specific days in which to work. The two day timeframe coincided with an annual bridge closure which allows for cleaning and maintenance work to be undertaken. The Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team were despatched to the footbridge, during the closure period, cleaning a variety of surfaces including the walkway and large glass sections.

Go-Gum Managing Director, Rob Dixon commented: “The London Millennium Footbridge is an iconic modern bridge linking Bankside with the City of London. The notice period for the project, the very specific timeframe, and the range of surfaces for cleaning was a challenge, but one which the Go-Gum Street Cleaning Team was more than capable of meeting head on.”