April 16th, 2019

Hot Water Pressure Washers Capable of Safe Chewing Gum Removal and MORE!

City of London Gets Into Hot Water Pressure Washers

When The City of London decided to invest in new Hot Water Pressure Washers, one machine stood out head and shoulders above the competition – The Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO.

A brand new Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO has been supplied to the The City of London Open Spaces Department, enabling them to carry out their own deep cleaning, chewing gum removal and graffiti removal works in all the areas of the city under their jurisdiction.

High on the list of feature requirements for The City of London was a Hot Water Pressure Washer that was both a highly capable and a highly manoeuvrable machine. The machine needed to be light weight enough to be positioned and guided by hand, yet able to be quickly attached to any suitable vehicle with a tow bar. The Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO ticks these boxes as it is compact, lightweight and carries its own water source via a built-in water tank in the trailer’s underbelly.

The standard Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO machine proved it’s credentials were up to parr during an extensive demonstration where it tackled chewing gum removal; graffiti removal; fly poster removal; pavement cleaning and general deep cleaning operations.

Hot Water Pressure Washers in London
hot water pressure washers training course


The Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Hot Water Pressure Washers include a two year manufacturer warranty and optional service and maintenance packages. An introductory training course was included with the machine and upon delivery a team of twelve City of London Open Spaces operatives were schooled in its operation. The easy-to-use digital control panel featuring a step-by-step operation guide, meant the Open Spaces team were up and running in no time at all.

Commenting on the sale of the Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO Hot Water Pressure Washers, Go-Gum Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “The varied and unique nature of the open spaces environment within the City of London meant that they had a very specific set of requirements when looking to purchase new hot water pressure washers. The Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO meets and exceeds all of these requirements and is capable of safely completing a multitude of different deep cleaning tasks straight out of the box. In this instance, together with a five year service and maintenance package, it really does clean up in this sector”