September 24th, 2013

Go-Gum Help Amey PLC Clean Up Sheffield City Centre

Go-Gum Limited Deep Clean 48,000 sq. Metres of City Centre Paving.

Amey PLC has been tasked with one of the biggest highways projects in the country as part of a ground breaking PFI contract with Sheffield City Council. Go-Gum Limited are proud to be playing a key supporting role in the on-going implementation of the pavement cleaning contract.

The involvement of Go-Gum has come in the form of specialist deep cleansing and street cleaning operations for a large area of the city centre totaling 48,000 sp. metres. The extra scrutiny of a PFI project meant that the Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team were set extremely high standards, laid down by Amey PLC and Sheffield City Council.

All of the street cleaning operations were undertaken at night by the Go-Gum team, so as to minimise disruption to the people of Sheffield and the businesses located in Sheffield City Centre. This large scale, high profile project was completed on time and on budget, within a 3 month timescale.

Using specialist, eco-friendly, deep cleansing equipment, the 48,000 sq. metres of paving was deep cleaned and restored to pristine condition, with minimal disruption and without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Managing director of Go-Gum Limited, Rob Dixon, commented: “Go-Gum Limited have worked successfully with Amey PLC in the past. So with our expert team and specialised street cleansing equipment, we felt very comfortable partnering with Amey PLC for this prestigious, large scale project.”

Sara Bradley, Operational Manager Street Cleaning for Amey Plc commented: “I would like to confirm that the deep cleaning and chewing gum removal services to approximately 50,000 sq. metres of paving was carried out in Sheffield City Centre and the quality of work undertaken was impressive.”