September 6th, 2010

A* For The Go-Gum Grime-Grafter

Grime Grafter helps to keep new learning environment top of the class

The Milton Keynes Academy, which opened in September 2009, has taken delivery of the revolutionery Go-Gum Grime-Grafter. The academys brilliant design offers students an environment where they feel safe, secure and valued, and the Grime-Grafter is helping to keep their learning environment at the top of the cleanliness class.

The compact and versatile Grime-Grafter is a unique and completely self-contained, highly manoeuvrable commercial chewing gum removal and steam cleaning system. The machine incorporates an 8 bar pressure steam boiler with an in-built chemical delivery system. Made from a stainless steel construction with a continuous fill boiler the Grime-Grafter comes complete with an integral vacuum system and is ideally suited to gum removal and deep cleansing applications within a wide variety of indoor environments.

With The Grime-Grafter, the steam cleaning process for removing chewing gum has never been easier! By combining a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning agent (RTU/CONC) with steam, the machine removes chewing gum effectively and efficiently, leaving little or no trace.

Rob Dixon, Managing Director of Go-Gum Limited commented: “To help maintain the very high standard of cleanliness throughout the learning villages and communal areas, The Milton Keynes Academy purchased a Grime-Grafter supplied by Go-Gum Limited. The purchasing decision was based on the machines outstanding flexibility and mobility. The Academy are using the Grime-Grafter to steam clean internal flooring, windows, tiled areas and also to remove chewing gum.”