June 18th, 2012

Go-Gum Clean Up the Competition

Swansea City Council choose the Gum-Grafter

When Swansea City Council made the decision to purchase a chewing gum removal machine, they invited several manufacturers to demonstrate their devices during the month of June 2012. The winning machine had to be effective at chewing gum cleaning, safe to use and reliable, as it would be tasked with the job of cleansing the main civic areas in the city, ridding them of discarded chewing gum.

At the end of the exhaustive demonstration period, the Go-Gum Gum-Grafter Gum Cleaning Machine was the clear winner and Swansea City Council duly ordered their first unit. Commenting on the procurement, Rob Dixon, managing director of Go-Gum Limited said: “Right through the tender and demonstration process we were confident that the Gum-Grafter was a strong contender. The council seemed particularly impressed with the operational safety and reliability of the Gum-Grafter as well as its green credentials.”

Swansea City Council put their new Gum-Grater into action immediately, using it to quickly and safely remove discarded chewing gum from the main high foot traffic civic areas, in and around the city and county of Swansea.