April 10th, 2018

Deep Cleaning Paving Slabs in The City of London

New Paving Scheme Protection in The City of London

The Go-Gum Group’s specialist street cleaning division – Surface Solve Ltd – have been working hard cleaning paving slabs in and around several historic locations within The City of London.

In April 2018, Surface Solve despatched a three man team of specialist street cleaning operatives to deep clean and protect newly laid paving schemes in and around Mitre Square, Artizan Street and Angel Court. Working in tandem and utilising three Specialist Chewing Gum Removal Machines, the crew firstly removed any stubborn chewing gum before deep cleaning paving slabs at all three locations.

High temperature, low pressure cleaning, utilising both hand-lance and rotary cleaning attachments were employed, firstly to spot treat the discarded chewing gum, before the rotary units cleaned the underlying paving slabs. Upon completion of the chewing gum removal and deep cleaning phase, two coats of Pave-Saver Anti-Chewing Gum Coating were applied to the newly cleaned paving slabs.

Mitre Square
The Historic Mitre Square occupies the former site of the cloister of Holy Trinity Priory which was demolished by Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Famously, on the morning on 30 September 1888, in the southern most corner of the square, the mutilated body of Catherine Eddowes was discovered, having been murdered by the notorious Jack the Ripper.

In and around Mitre Square, 750m² of York Stone Paving was deep cleaned by our highly skilled Surface Solve operatives. These works were carried out during off-peak hours, so as to minimise disruption to a local school situated adjacent to the square.

Cleaning Paving Slab and Protecting with Pave-Saver

Pave-Saver applied to clean York Stone paving.

Cleaning Paving Slabs and Protection with Pave-Saver

Pave-Saver impregnating and protecting the York Stone paving.

Artizan Street
At Artizan Street, around 300m² of York Stone Paving and approximately 150m² of Granite Sett Paving was deep cleaned and protected with Pave-Saver. The street cleaning work was undertaken during the working day between the hours of 09:00 – 14:00 so as to minimise disruption in this mainly residential area.

Angel Court
Angel Court is home to several prestigious offices, restaurants and galleries. In order to avoid impacting the local restauranteurs, we worked in collaboration with the main contractor, to ensure our cleaning operations were scheduled at weekends, during the daytime. This careful consideration meant we did not to affect the local restaurants and businesses, whilst deep cleaning around 500m² of York Stone paving slabs.

Commenting on the City of London projects, Go-Gum Group managing director Rob Dixon said: “It was a pleasure to work with The City of London authority again. Our Surface Solve team were able to deep clean the new paving schemes, using our environmentally friendly, street cleaning equipment, then protect them with our revolutionary Pave-Saver Anti-Chewing Gum Coating.”