March 25th, 2013

City of London Corporation Renew Bins

Go-Gum Limited Clean City of London Corporation’s Renew Smart Technology Bins.

During March 2013, the City of London Corporation contracted the Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team to deep clean the paving surrounding 90 Renew ‘Smart Technology’ bins to a circumference of 50cm. Once the paving had been thoroughly cleansed using our highly effective Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO machines, the clean paving was then protected using our Pave-Saver Ultra invisible chewing gum and stain repellent.

This ultra high level of protection has enabled the City of London Corporations’ own on-going cleaning and maintenance regime to quickly and easily undertake subsequent cleaning operations in-house.

Additionally, ten further Renew bins situated on asphalt surfaces, also had their immediate surroundings protected and smartened up by the Go-Gum Street Cleansing Team using our “Back to Black” tarmac restoration system.

The 100 bomb-proof Renew bins were installed before the 2012 London Olympics and their innovative design includes digital display screens offering channels of communication and public service information.