April 10th, 2004

British Waterways Choose The Go-Gum Enviraclean Machine

British Waterways recently purchased Go-Gum Enviraclean Machines for graffiti removal operations and state: “British Waterways consider graffiti to be offensive and intimidating, effective removal is an important element of reducing the fear of crime and encouraging use of the canal network by a diverse range of people”.

Go-Gum Limited customers also include many local councils and exterior cleaning contractors throughout the UK and Ireland.

Go-Gum Limited are seeking distributors throughout Europe and the rest of the world to supply the Go-Gum Enviraclean Machine to add to their established UK and Irish operations.

The Go-Gum Enviraclean Machine has been developed to remove chewing gum, graffiti and fly posters and uses only water as a cleaning agent. The Go-Gum Enviraclean Machine is adaptable and can also be used for many other industrial cleansing tasks such as building cleaning and stone restoration.

The machine is offered as a diesel or LPG powered unit and can be van, flatbed, trailer or boat mounted. If water fed from a mains supply is not a practical option, a portable water supply ranging from 640 litres to 2080 litres is available.