December 11th, 2006

Breakthrough In Fight Against Superbugs

Go-Gum Limited unveils easy-on as the latest weapon in the fight against superbugs such as MRSA.

The groundbreaking durability coating ‘easy-on™’ could be welcome relief for NHS Trusts, which have been told to halve MRSA rates by 2008. When painted on hospital walls the unique ‘easy-on™’ coating allows bacteria to be completely wiped off surfaces – meaning it could help prevent the spread of infections such as MRSA.

A company spokesman said the coating was a major breakthrough in the fight against MRSA. “Hospital walls are potential breeding grounds for bacteria, and it’s a fact that the more surfaces we clean, the fewer bacteria there will be to contribute towards the spread of infection,” he said.

The varnish-style solution is also a cost-cutter for hospitals because its bacteria-resistant effects last up to twenty years, regardless of how many times the coated surface is cleaned.

Experts at the Hallam University’s Biomedical Research Centre (BMRC) measured the number of bacteria that survived cleaning with a detergent, on surfaces such as wood and metal, which had been coated with easy-on™. One hundred per cent of bacteria were removed from surfaces protected with easy-on™, but all seven species tested survived on surfaces that had been coated with acrylic paint, and more than half lingered on areas coated with emulsion paint.

Dr Justine Daniels from the university said: “Our tests prove that easy-on™ allows the complete removal of all bacteria strains tested, compared with traditional painted surfaces, which allow bacterial growth even after cleaning. easy-on™ forms an inert surface that stops bacteria colonising and multiplying.

“Standard bacteria colonise in most places, and are generally harmless. The real problem lies in the fact that bacterial strains are emerging, which are resistant to standard anti-biotic treatments. This is a real issue for hospitals as many patients also have weakened immune systems making them particularly susceptible to infection. Minimising the risk is therefore vital, and the use of this coating could be a real help in achieving that”.

Go-Gum Limited now hopes hospitals will introduce the engineered siloxane coating in their painting routines, and say the coating could also be effective in the food industry, where bacteria could be harmful.