November 5th, 2018

Red & Black Tarmac Paint applied to the home of The Blades

Back to Black and Red at Bramall Lane

Bramall Lane Stadium has been the home to Sheffield United Football Club since the club’s establishment in 1889 and is steeped in football history. It was the largest stadium in Sheffield during the 19th century and hosted the final of the world’s first football tournament as well as the first ever floodlit football match.

The stadium was originally opened as a cricket ground but was also used for football games in the 19th century by Sheffield F.C. and Sheffield Wednesday but since 1889 it has been the home of The Blades. The management team contracted the Go-Gum Group and scheduled the works to clean and renovate their ‘front of house’ area, immediately outside the main entrance to the ground, in-between their home fixtures.

Following the Blades’ 1-0 win over Hull City Football Club, the Surface Solve Ltd (Part of the Go-Gum Group) took possession of the area to be cleansed and rejuvenated. With normal day-to-day business operations taking place at this busy stadium, we worked around events at Bramall Lane, keeping entrances and exits clear and accessible at all times.

A two-man team of operatives from Surface Solve worked for two consecutive daytime shifts to firstly clean the tarmac concourse outside the main entrance to the stadium. Using our own high temperature, low pressure Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO tarmac cleaning machine, our team were able to successfully complete the first half of the works.

Tarmac Paint at Bramhall Lane
Black Tarmac Paint


The second half of the project kicked off with the freshly cleaned tarmac being rejuvenated with both red and Black Tarmac Paint. Matching the team’s colours, red tarmac restoration paint was applied to 261m² of tarmac and black tarmac paint applied to the remaining 79m² of concourse.

Our Red, Green and Black Tarmac Paint and Tarmac Restorer System is a heavy duty, commercial quality, Tarmac paint and Asphalt refurbishment product. The tarmac paint not only re-colours faded and worn tarmac surfaces but also helps to increase the life span of the surface. Like all of our products, it’s safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Commenting on the project, Go-Gum Limited managing director Rob Dixon said: “A great performance from our Surface Solve Ltd External Works team helped us to achieve the works on-time, on-budget, to the satisfaction of the customer.” Rob added: “The front of house area at Bramall Lane now looks clean, inviting and renovated.”