September 25th, 2019

Surface Solve Sees Success with a Flexible Approach

Sutton BID Successfully Removes Chewing Gum

Successful Sutton Business Improvement District (BID) is an independent, non-profit organisation led and funded by businesses with the aim of helping to make Sutton Town Centre a better place to live, work, shop and do business.

In late July 2019, following an initial consultation and comprehensive FREE site survey, a Street Cleaning Team from the Surface Solve Ltd division of the Go-Gum Group was dispatched to Sutton Town Centre to undertake localised chewing gum removal operations to 2,460m² of heavily trafficked paving.

Typically on projects of this nature, our Street Cleaning Teams use our versatile, state-of-the-art Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO hot water pressure washer cleaning machines to quickly and safely remove carelessly discarded chewing gum mess. The team at Successful Sutton BID asked that we undertake the chewing gum removal operations during peak daytime hours for maximum visibility, so local people and businesses could see the environmental improvement work as it progressed. This request meant that our operatives couldn’t close down sections of paving for wide-scale cleaning operations as this would disrupt pedestrians and businesses alike. A different approach was required, so our team utilised Backpack Chewing Gum Removal Machines to accommodate the client’s request.

Backpack Chewing Gum Removal Machine in Use
Sutton BID Chewing Gum Removal


Two operatives from Surface Solve Ltd worked during daytime hours, for a total of five working days, using the Backpack Machines to spot treat the chewing gum deposits and were able to work in and amongst pedestrians, shoppers and commuters. The machines work by heating small amounts of an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to create a vapour which, together with the heat, breaks down the baked-on chewing gum blight. The cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources and is based on a sugar surfactant rather than an oil based surfactant, making it completely bio-degradable and safe to use on all surfaces.

Whilst the Backpack Machines do not offer the same speed and versatility as our Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO hot water pressure washer cleaning machines, as the project was spot removal of chewing gum only, not a full deep clean, they proved equal to the task and gave the client the flexible and visible approach that they required.

Commenting on this latest Business Improvement District project, Go-Gum Group Managing Director Rob Dixon said: “The project for Successful Sutton BID was for localised chewing gum removal only, not a full pavement deep clean. By using the Backpack Chewing Gum Removal Machines we were able to successfully remove all of the chewing gum blight from the Sutton Town Centre area with virtually no disruption to pedestrians and businesses at all.”