Safe, Effective, Large Scale Outdoor Sterilising Service for ALL External Hard Surfaces

In light of the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Surface Solve Ltd, part of the Go-Gum Group, are focussed on helping to tackle this lethal virus.

We have assembled a consortium of manufacturers, suppliers and leading industry experts to combine our collective knowledge to help fight this pandemic. Using our highly trained and fully accredited operatives, our existing equipment combined with Chlor-Kill steriliser, we’re ready to help in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic with our Outdoor Sterilising Service for ALL external hard surfaces.

Sterilising NHS Hospital Campus'

We can sterilise all external areas of Hospital Campus’ including entrances, arrival areas and Ambulance bays.

Defeating Coronavirus in Supermarket Car Parks

Supermarket car parks can be sterilised to help prevent the spread of viruses and other pathogens.

Hard Surface Outdoor Sterilising Service

In order to meet the pandemic head-on, our Go-Gum Lanceman DiBO machines have been adapted to offer a twin-lance setup, allowing two operatives to work simultaneously, dispensing Chlor-Kill at the necessary flow rate required to sterilise any type of external hard surface (excluding Aluminium).

A single Lanceman DiBO machine, with two operators, loaded with Chlor-Kill will effectively sterilise an outdoor area of 6,000m² in a single shift. With five twin-lance machines ready to go and able to work day or night, we currently have the capacity to effectively sterilise 30,000m² a day in the fight against Coronavirus. We’re working hard to increase this capacity, bringing more twin-lance machines online soon.

COVID-19 Sterilising Service in Transportation Hubs

Vital city centre transport hubs can be hot spots for Coronavirus transmission. We can sterilise large external areas safely and quickly.

Sterilising Temporary Hospital Entrances

Chlor-Kill can sterilise entrances and Ambulance bays at temporary NHS facilities, helping to further reduce transmission of the Coronavirus.

Characteristics of Chlor-Kill

Our Chlor-Kill sterilising solution is a formulated product with multiple ingredients. As well as Sodium Hypochlorite it also contains (as a minimum) wetting agents, surfactants, pH enhancers and pH stabilisers. These are necessary to ensure the product maintains it’s pH level above 12 which is the minimum required to be effective against viruses and other pathogens. Additionally, these ingredients prevent the pH from decreasing over any storage period.

Chlor-Kill starts working immediately on contact with any hard surface and kills viruses and pathogens. Shortly after application, the product begins to deactivate, allowing it to be safely rinsed away. Approximately one hour after the initial application, the product strength will degrade to a negligible level so it can be safely rinsed down the drain.

Chlor-Kill is manufactured to be fully compliant with the guidance given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on prevention of infection and control of epidemic – and pandemic-prone acute respiratory infections in health care.

Manufacturer Statement: Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This virus is classified as an envelope virus meaning that it has a protein type protection covering. These type of viruses are very sensitive and easily destroyed on surfaces by chemical mixtures containing high pH chlorine. Chlorine at high pH is well known to kill envelope viruses and as such experts believe that products such as Chlor-Kill will be very effective against COVID-19.

We are also able to offer sterilising and disinfecting services and alternative sterilising solutions for other areas not suitable for the application of Chlor-Kill. Chlor-Kill is also available for sale. For more information, please email us on