Go-Gum Gum-Grafter Chewing Gum Removal Machine

Gum-Grafter Chewing Gum Removal Machine

A completely self-contained chewing gum removal machine! The Gum-Grafter incorporates a 8 bar pressure steam boiler with an integral chemical delivery system and is available in either 110V or 240V with a dual voltage generator. Made from a highly durable stainless steel construction with a continuous fill boiler, the Gum-Grafter machine is ideally suited for large areas of chewing gum removal. The machine comes complete with trolley and trolley mounted generator and is supplied with a full set of tools and accessories.

The steam cleaning process for removing chewing gum has never been easier! By simply combining a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning agent (RTU/CONC) with the steam, the machine removes the chewing gum effectively and efficiently, leaving only a slightly damp surface and no mess. The steam and cleaning agent reach a temperature of approximately 170°C at the cleaning head, instantly heating and breaking up gum leaving little or no trace.

Using this system to remove chewing gum is extremely cost effective. One person, using about 20 litres of water, safely stored on the trolley, is able to clean approximately 300 square metres of medium pollution in just one working day.

Chewing Gum Removal Machine Video

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

The Gum-Grafter’s water efficient technology systems mean it qualifies for the governments enhanced capital allowance scheme. This means that purchasers may be able to write off 100% of the cost of the machine against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

Buy The Go-Gum Gum-Grafter

The Go-Gum Gum-Grafter cannot be purchased from our online shop. If you would like to place an order for The Go-Gum Gum-Grafter, please contact us directly via email info@getridofgum.com or telephone us on 0207 566 3988.

Gum-Grafter Product Details

Technical Specifications

Height: 100 cm
Depth: 116 cm
Width: 66 cm
Weight: 125 kg
Power Supply: 110V / 240V
Wattage: 2200W / 3000W
Boiler Capacity: 3.3 Litres
Steam Pressure: 8 Bar
Operating Temp: 170°C
Continuous Fill: Yes
Reserve Tank: 5 Litres
Chemical Tank: 5 Litres
Generator: 4.4 KVA
Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity: 10 Litres
Engine Type: 8 hp (Honda)

Surfaces for Treatment

The Gum-Grafter is ideal for high street cleaning on tarmac, flags, block paving, concrete and many more external surfaces. The steam unit can be unmounted from the trolley and utilised internally on both hard and soft surfaces such as vinyl, lino, quality carpets, entrance mats, windows and work surfaces.

Environmental Impact

The Gum-Grafter is extremely environmentally friendly as it requires only a relatively small amount of our safe to use and fully biodegradable cleaning agent combined with water. The machine is powered by a small, fuel efficient generator and many of the components can be recycled.